Eliane Gotto

Was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Her passion for classical ballet and jazz allowed her to travel the world to perform and to teach. Eliane has a Bachelors Degree in Physical Education from Brazil and a Bachelors Degree in Education from California. Also, she has a degree in Classical Ballet and Jazz Dance. As a performer, Eliane was afforded the opportunity to participate in parades, modeling, fashion shows, publicity, and television in Brazil, Japan, and Italy. As a teacher, she taught Ballet, Jazz/Hip-Hop Dance, Body Conditioning, Step, Stretching, Pilates, Water Fitness, Arthritis Program Classes and Latin Dance movements, to children, teenagers, and adults. In 1998 Eliane moved to the United States and continued to teach fitness and dance in different gyms, dance schools and private residences in San Diego, California. Currently, she is living in Miami to continue to provide a fun, professional and knowledgeable dance and fitness classes for all her students.

Jazz & Hip Hop (Ages: 4 and up )

The Jazz /Hip –Hop program will focus on basic jazz technique. Includes warm- up, chasses, and single jazz turns along with hip hop movement and choreography.

Ballet Fit

This is a fitness based class where the essentials of Ballet are used in order to accomplish a core muscle work out. It will increase flexibility, balance, overall strength and lengthen muscles. The class incorporates stretching and simple positions of ballet as a form of low keyed/low impact exercise for adults of all ages and levels.
Let a whole new you emerge!

(Dancers and non-dancers are welcomed. No previous Ballet experience is necessary)

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